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Sand   Fun   #1

Welcome to VAEC's photographic journey into sand sculpture,architecture and
other fantasies! We hope that you enjoy your visit(s)and that you appreciate the creativity
and thought that has gone into these works. The works were created in August 1998 at Ontario Place, Toronto,Canada (with trucked in sand)by professional artists.

1) "Well hello why does everyone runaway from me when they see me?
I just want to be friends! (sigh)"
2) "Ugh! (sigh) No one likes me! I just sit here all day waiting to fall and have someone come by and put me back together again!"
3) "I hope that gator has not seen me!"

Meanwhile near a lake near your....

4) "Hey handsome! Do you want to play?"
5) "Play? Did you say play?" 6) "What is bothering him?"

7) ________________
8) _________________
9) __________________

10) ________________
11) _________________
12) __________________

ARTISTS: Please write and/or email me so that I can inculde your name(s) with the photographs of your wonderful works!

Image 1: Karen Frahlich "Q'b Multimedia Sculpture" Toronto,Ontario